Saturday, September 7, 2013

Printing Paper Semi-Failure

I experimented with some paper yarn to knit paper to use in a printing project. I knitted three different sizes of paper in three different weights of yarn for the experiment. I was unsure how they would hold ink but I guess that is what experiments are all about.

But printing with an image transfer did not go so well on the knitted paper. Most of the ink did not transfer to the paper. You can see the failed experiments in the two images above.

But, the medium sized paper took the most ink and looked interesting from far away. I did another print on a piece of paper and backed the knitted paper so you can see the image (if you squint and stand far away). I like how the knitted paper adds dimension to the image. I might still keep this and submit it to an exhibition even though it didn’t turn out how I was envisioning.  

And, as I promised, Here is an image of the silver leafed Silver Queen Handkerchief that I am going to submit to an exhibition as well. I really like it. It looks like it is decaying which is exactly what I was going for.