Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sego Lilies

These delicate paper beauties have been accepted in the Springville Museum’s Spring Salon and will be on display for a few months. And they won an Award of Merit! Very honored to be in this almost century old exhibition from my hometown.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Pine Needles Scarf

After much procrastination I finally finished my last piece inspired by my artist in residency at Great Basin National Park. Pine Needles Scarf was the first piece I started in my residency and is the last to be done. All my Great Basin inspired Work will be on exhibit at Finch Lane Gallery in Salt Lake City this summer, details to come!

Information from the pattern: Although Great Basin National Park is a desert, it has a wide variety of ecosystems. Ranging in elevation from 5,000 - 13,000 feet, deserts and playas, give way to mountains and glaciers. With such drastic elevation changes there is an impressive diversity of plant species. Including Pinyon, Ponderosa, Limber and Bristlecone, these diverse pine forests add beauty and life to the Great Basin Desert. This artwork was produced under the Darwin Lambert Artist in Residence Program at Great Basin National Park.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Knitting up a Storm

I know I have been absent a little from the blog but I promise I am knitting up a storm! Lots to show in a bit but for now, here is the new tattoo I got over the holidays: Kitchener stitch! I will never have to look it up again.

And here is what today looks like. I get to snuggle in and knit all day while watching the Olympics. I hope your day is filled with knitting.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Albers Cowl

The Holidays have been busy! So busy I haven’t blogged. Although I did a lot of knitting, I did not work on any of my projects and patterns. Instead it was a nice break to knit other people’s patterns, mostly for holiday gifts.

The highlight was learning a new knitting skill by participating in Fringe Association’s Log Cabin knit-along. I had not tried log cabin knitting before and thought this was a great opportunity to jump in. I took the Alber’s Cowl patten and altered it a bit to make an oversized cowl/hood. And of course I had to base it on my favorite Albers in the UMFA collection. Our collections manager at the UMFA was kind enough to model it for me right next to the real thing (which was not on display but down in our storage area).

I have made knitted patterns based on our art before (see Jasmine Sidewinder) and I love this Albers Cowl. I am definitely going to make some more based on the art that I look at and teach from every day!

Hopefully, I will be able to blog more and at least keep track of this year's goals which include getting ready for an exhibition of all my pieces from my Great Basin National Park Artist-in-Residency and creating a new collection of art pieces based on salt from Great Salt Lake. And my perpetual goal: knitting everything from my stash instead of buying yarn.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Juniper Remix

Whew! I have been knitting up a storm but it is all holiday gift knitting that I can’t show you just in case the recipients are looking. But I also did a little Great Basin knitting in the in-between times. I wanted to play with a different colorway for the Juniper Tam I made for my residency. I like the effect of mixing the colors of the berries. I think I will show both in my upcoming exhibition this summer. More details soon about the exhibition!

Friday, November 10, 2017

San Rafael Cactus

I have been accepted in the 2017 Statewide Annual Painting and Sculpture exhibition here in Salt Lake. And my piece won honorable mention! This is Species of Concern: San Rafael Cactus and depicts a very rare and endangered species of cactus that only grows on a small strip of Utah’s San Rafael Swell. It spends most of its life underground during cold or dry seasons. Its rare appearance and diminutive size makes it easily overlooked during the few days it emerges to flower every year.

I made the sculpture out of paper yarn to emphasize its fragility. Another sculpture that was not accepted focused on the state flower Sego Lily. Here is a picture below. I have a pattern for the sego lily to be knit in wool and converted to a brooch that will be published soon. But the cactus was too improvisational to make a pattern of…maybe later I can work on the pattern.

Edited to add: I have published the pattern for the Sego Lily Brooch. You can find it on my ravelry page here