Monday, May 11, 2015

Inland Sea Socks

Finished my lacy sock pattern. Just in time for getting it off my to-do list before going to the Black Rock Desert. They are fun quick socks to knit up and I hope you like them. No fan fare just a quick pattern release before being overwhelmed by inspiration in the desert. You can find the pattern on Ravelry

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Half the Fun

My father, who was a Recreation Management Professor, always said that any vacation or experience has four phases: Planning, Anticipation, Experience, and Remembrance. I have always remembered this and tried to make the most of planning and anticipation knowing that that was half the fun.

I am therefore having a ton of fun planning for my Artist-in-Residency at Black Rock/High Rock. My first task was choosing a palette. In addition to gaining inspiration through sketching and journaling, I want to be able to knit swatches while I am out there. I only have two short weeks and I want to be as productive as possible. This palette of yarn is what I will be taking. It truly sings to me. The muted desert colors are so beautiful I am itching to get started!

In addition, I want to bring a set of needles, not only for me, but for others who might want to knit or learn to knit. This set of bamboo straight and double pointed needles are coming along for the ride (along with my well-used collection of needles that I use everyday). Thinking and organizing like this is so satisfying to me. I am a true believer that the anticipation and planning is half the fun of any adventure.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Artist-in-Residence

I am so honored to have just been chosen as the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Artist-in-Residence! This BLM National Conservation Area is in northwest Nevada and has incredible rugged landscapes. My project will of course be knitted and I hope to get a lot of inspiration over my two-week residency this spring. 

I plan on blogging about my time in the desert so stay tuned at the end of May for more. In the meantime I am going to work hard and tie up any loose ends (unfinished patterns) so that I can have a clean slate and clean mind for all the new ideas I will get in Nevada!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Inland Sea

I have a problem with yarn. My problem is that I fall in love too easily and will impulse buy. My most recent crush is this beautiful skein of Casbah Sock by Handmaiden in the colorway Salt Spray. When I saw this sock yarn, I fell for it and bought one skein on the spot. The subtle tones of blue are so beautiful.

What to do with one skein? Socks of course! So I took inspiration from the color and the name and decided to design a delicate lace sock reminiscent of the colors and texture of Great Salt Lake.

 I chose a lace pattern that echoed the small waves in the lake (GSL never has large waves, that would be ridiculous) and the variation of flotsam that is ever present.  So far, I have knit one sock and am starting the second but am very pleased with these small delicate socks. I am choosing to call them Inland Sea Socks after the title of a book by artist Alfred Lambourne who homesteaded Gunnison Island in the 19th century. Hopefully in a week or so I will have the pattern done.

At twilight a wild and thrilling spectacle… Dim and pale, the moon, the ghost of a dead world, lifted above the distant Wasatch peaks and stared at the acrid waters of a dead sea. 
-Alfred Lambourne, Our Inland Sea, 1887

We do not know the nature of this vast body of water that sparkles and sings. 
-Terry Tempest Williams, Friends of Great Salt Lake website