identitatum•arborum patterns

Identitatum Arborum: 12 designs inspired by tree bark
Created in conjunction with an art installation at Heritage Museums & Gardens, Sandwich MA, 2016

This collection of knitting patterns was created in conjunction with an art installation made for the Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts in summer 2016 for the Natural Threads exhibition. The art installation explored the idea of identity using trees as a metaphor. 

The art work asked the viewer several questions: What is identity? Have you ever wanted to change your identity or persona? Does your core change when you adopt a new identity? Trees in the Heritage Museum & Gardens were able to try on different tree bark identities knit from wool. A locust became a beautiful rainbow eucalyptus for a while, a hickory was the wise bristlecone pine. Ten other trees adopted the persona of various types of trees found around North America, from the Great Basin Desert and Pacific Northwest to the swamps of Florida and the lush woods of the East Coast. 

While contemplating this installation visitors thought about their own and other’s identity. They asked themselves: Why would you want or need to change your identity? What elements of your new identity are you hoping to project or adopt? Can you always tell when someone has adopted a new identity? 

This compilation of 12 designs patterned after the bark panels in the exhibition allows people to adopt a different persona of trees. Does a bristlecone stole make you as wise as the pine tree? Will you feel as tall and regal as a sequoia in the redwood scarf? The wonderful people at Stonehedge Fiber Mill sponsored the art installation and gave yarn support to this project with the beautiful American-grown Shepherd’s Wool yarn. Readers will enjoy making the tree bark inspired wraps and accessories and hopefully will contemplate the identity of trees and themselves, or just become that much closer to nature.    

All patterns are for sale and can be found here on Ravelry.







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