Saturday, April 26, 2014

I keep getting sidetracked

Spring is a busy time both at work and at home. I was sidetracked again because teacher appreciation week is coming up and I needed to knit a gift. Not just for two teachers but 12! My youngest is still in daycare and I need to (get to?) give to all the teachers in the daycare. So something quick and easy, and with Pando on my mind, I knit the leaves in different colors and made pins. The leaves are backed with some wool felt and a simple pin is sewn on. I really like them, I just hope the teachers do as well. The result is that I am still knitting aspen leaves but just not for my scarf. I promise the end result of the scarf is coming soon.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Still working on Pando

I have not forgotten my blog or knitting. It has just been a crazy few weeks. I promise I have been knitting when I can, as evidenced by the above picture. It was taken in a hotel room in San Diego where I was presenting at the National Art Education Association Conference. Pando was my project of choice during all the sessions so I got a fair number of the leaves knit (a lot more than the four pictured). Now I just need to block and sew them together. I am trying to make a scarf that is about 6 feet long so I might have a few more leaves to go. But I am on the home stretch, I promise.