Friday, November 10, 2017

San Rafael Cactus

I have been accepted in the 2017 Statewide Annual Painting and Sculpture exhibition here in Salt Lake. And my piece won honorable mention! This is Species of Concern: San Rafael Cactus and depicts a very rare and endangered species of cactus that only grows on a small strip of Utah’s San Rafael Swell. It spends most of its life underground during cold or dry seasons. Its rare appearance and diminutive size makes it easily overlooked during the few days it emerges to flower every year.

I made the sculpture out of paper yarn to emphasize its fragility. Another sculpture that was not accepted focused on the state flower Sego Lily. Here is a picture below. I have a pattern for the sego lily to be knit in wool and converted to a brooch that will be published soon. But the cactus was too improvisational to make a pattern of…maybe later I can work on the pattern.

Edited to add: I have published the pattern for the Sego Lily Brooch. You can find it on my ravelry page here