Monday, April 20, 2020

Visible Mending: Teacup

This is what I have been doing in the midst of a pandemic and earthquakes. This piece celebrates the heroes of this time; the healers, sewers, caretakers, and makers that are getting it done amidst the bluster and blowhards. Surprisingly it is not the warriors, soldiers and industry leaders that are important now. The traditionally feminine activities are what is keeping this world together.

I hope people can see healing and mending as an act that will leave scars and is not perfect, but that is ok. There is beauty in the mending and if you are different than when you started, then you have become a wholly different person that may not function in the same way but can still give wonder and joy to the world. 

This artwork was also highlighted in the Tribune article on Sunday looking at 21 Utah artists who are making art during the pandemic. You can see it here. I will be making more in this theme over the next month or I will try to post them here as well.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Castle

Dreaming of castles in the sky. This is the first place I want to go when this is all over. I made this fun little hat to remind me if this view I had out my front door when I lived in the park last September.

The Castle is one of the most recognizable formation in Capitol Reef National Park, It is made of Wingate Sandstone formed about 200 million years ago. Wingate is known for its blocky, vertical cliffs giving the appearance of turrets, crenellations, and towers. This artwork was produced under the Artist in Residence Program at Capitol Reef National Park