Friday, March 19, 2021

New Beehive

I am so honored to have been accepted as one of the artists to do the New Beehive artwork for the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. It’s a collaborative artwork made up of 30 artists’ work. The goal of the New Beehive project is to explore, expand, and challenge the uses of beehive iconography in Utah. Artists from diverse creative and cultural perspectives were invited to propose an original artwork inspired by Utah’s state symbol, the beehive, or associated imagery such as honeycomb, bees, and beekeeping.

The project gives each artist a wooden hexagonal frame in one of two sizes. The artwork has to fit within the frame. For the project, I will be creating a knitted textile artwork mimicking honeycomb and bees using paper yarn. I am using yellow for the honeycomb and black, yellow, and white for the bees. 

Lately I have been creating a series of artwork that includes knitting endangered or threatened species in Utah out of paper yarn to emphasize the fragile nature of these species and their ecosystems. One of these pieces in the series, called Species of Concern: San Rafael Cactus, is in the State of Utah art collection. 

I hope to be posting progress pictures as I knit over the next couple months.