Sunday, October 16, 2011

Impressions and Inspiration

The flats almost look like snow on the ground, which is a little disturbing when it is 90 degrees outside. The large flat areas are edged with the dark mountains and above them, the blue sky. At the edges are rocks covered in salt creating a white bumpy edge among the weeds. Here is a picture of the salt flats taken by one of most favorite photographers, Richard Misrach.

Salt Flat Knit Ideas
Long stretches of salt can only mean long stretches of knitting. A scarf is called for. I was thinking of using a pure white yarn because although the flats are many colors of dirt and salt, from a distance it all looks white. The fuzzy nature of the salt reminds me of mohair or alpaca. Luckily, I have some white alpaca in my stash that a friend gave me. I am going to try using that. 

At first, I was thinking of doing something cube-like to imitate the structure of salt but now I have an idea of different size bobbles at the end of the scarf to approximate the salt covered rocks at the edge of the flats. But I don’t quite know how to make close-knit different size bobbles. I have made many small bobbles but not the type I am picturing in my head. I need to do some research on this. 

Here is a preliminary sketch of an idea.

Maybe I need to do short rows for the bobbles. Like little sock heels along the edge. A test of concept needs to be next.

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