Friday, August 3, 2012


I had to take my car in for maintenance yesterday. Year’s ago this would have been torture to have to wait 2+ hours in the mechanics waiting room but now I see it as 2+ hours of uninterrupted knitting. I sat down to cast on the Wildfire cowl with the Olympics set on the waiting room TV. It couldn’t get any better, Olympics, knitting, and no children to distract me. But, I did not count on the Olympics to distract me. After 2 hours and many rows I realized I made a fatal error and my lace was 5 stitches off for the last 5 rows. The only thing to do was to rip it out, …sob! So I am back to square one with no time in the near future that is free from children. It might take me a few more weeks than anticipated to get this cowl done. 

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