Monday, September 24, 2012

West Desert Hood Finished

Well, it took me longer to finish than I expected. And I made it VERY long so I could use all my wonderful colors. But it looks good (not on me strangely, so I let my niece model it). The colors really are very beautiful and the ombré effect of the background color is interesting. I only had small amounts of different tans from the dyeing I did so that was my solution to the background. Again, I put the pattern on the pattern page.

Due to technical difficulties with Google Docs, I downloaded all of my patterns to Ravelry so the pattern page will download directly from them. I hope this solves any problems anyone was having downloading the patterns.

I finished the hood while on a trip around Utah for work. I got lots of inspiration so stay tuned for many more Salt Lake inspired knits.


  1. I am really excited to knit this, it is gorgeous and I am obsessed with honeycomb patterns! I am fairly new to reading patterns so if I could get a little clarification that would be wonderful! When you increase/decrease do you k in f/b of each of the 120 stitches or just 12? And then do you increase/decrease in each repeat row? Thank you for the pattern!

    1. Hello,
      I think I need to clarify the pattern! What it means to say is increase 12 stitches evenly around by knitting in the front and back of each of the 12 stitches to be increased. For example, if you stick with the pattern and have 120 stitches on your needle, you will increase one stitch every 10 stitches. So it would read k9, kfb (1 increase), repeat 12 times (132 sts). Do this only once to make enough stitches for the honeycomb pattern. You will have 132 stitches the rest of the honeycomb pattern. At the end of the honeycomb pattern right before you want to do the final ribbing, decrease 12 stitches around by purling 2 stitches together.

      Does this clarify it?


  2. I was not able to find the pattern. Would you please let me know where this is? Thanks so much!

    1. i cant either, where is the pattern?

    2. There is a little tab at the top of the blog right under my masthead (picture of the salt flats) that says "lake•salt•knits patterns" if you click on that and then scroll down you can see a pattern for the West Desert Hood. It is in PDF form to download. You can also download it from Ravelry at You do not need an account at Ravelry to download it from there.

      Good luck and let me know if you have any problems downloading the PDF. Have fun knitting!