Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lake Effect

I am still working on my Antelope Island Scarf, slowly but surely I will get it done. I have realized that I like making things once. When I have to do something a second time, I lose interest. Especially when I have so many ideas for new things I want to design and make. This is very true today as we got our first snowfall of the season. This is the view outside my office window today.

The Lake Effect happens quite often in Salt Lake resulting in big snowfalls in a short amount of time. I hear about the Lake Effect on the news all the time but I thought it was high time I really looked into what it is. It is actually quite simple. Lake Effect snow is made when cold winds move across warmer lake water. The air picks up water vapor, which then freezes and falls on the shores of the lake. It makes for great clouds and beautiful snow.

All this inspires me to make something warm that reminds me of the clouds and snow. So I think I want to design a muff (no snickering please). I have some beautiful dark grays and soft whites that I will think about using. 

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