Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wasatch Mountain State Park

A couple months ago I was able to visit Wasatch Mountain State Park for the first time. I went there to evaluate an exhibition for work but was lucky enough to be there during a beautiful early fall day. In the park is a pioneer cabin, a creamery, and the original apple grove with the most fantastic trees.

In the late 1800s, Johannes Huber settled the area and planted 350 apple trees. There are about 80 of the original trees left and you can pick the apples every fall at their apple picking events, apples from 135 year-old trees! The park is grafting some of the plants to newer stock in order to keep the grove healthy but one theory as to the trees’ longevity is the long, hard winters of the valley.

Some of these apples are heirloom varieties like Wealthy, Yellow Transparent, or Red Astrakan. The state park employees told us that the Hubers would give an apple tree to every couple getting married in the community. That is why there are a lot of apple trees around.

My colleague just sent me some pictures from that day and it reminded me of those great apple trees. I have a pattern for those funny apple cozies that I have been making but have never written down. In honor of the Huber Grove apples, I think I will put it down on paper.

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