Friday, May 3, 2013

Mount Timpanogos

 I grew up in Utah County, south of the Great Salt Lake, along the Wasatch Front. The Wasatch Front is the westernmost edge of the Rocky Mountains and, in my opinion, they are the most beautiful mountains. One of the most iconic mountains in Utah County is Mount Timpanogos. It is a mountain that is so recognizable because of a legend that everyone is told (although is totally made up) about an Indian maiden.

The legend says that an Indian maiden, Utahna, committed suicide by throwing herself off the mountain in a Romeo and Juliet fashion after her true love, Red Eagle, died from injuries he suffered in a bear attack. Utahna then became part of the mountain and you can see her silhouette today as a maiden lying down.

If you look just right, you can see the shape of the woman on the mountain. And once you see it, you will never NOT see it.

 I grew up in the shadow of Mount Timpanogos. It is by far the most familiar landscape to me. My sister currently lives with a spectacular view of Timp in her backyard. She asked if I would design something with the silhouette of the mountain on it for her. So for her birthday, I am going to design a scarf that has this iconic silhouette.

Here is what I am thinking in a quick sketch:

It’s going to be epic and big but that is how the mountain is, so here goes. 


  1. That labeled photo of the mountain in not right. the head is at the other end with the hair flowing down the mountain

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