Friday, July 5, 2013

Red Butte Creek

A dear friend that I have known for over 15 years and have worked with for 11 years is quitting her job at the museum to pursue a new career. I am going to miss her terribly and wanted to design something for her that has some meaning. She likes to hike Red Butte Creek by Red Butte Canyon with her dog a lot so I wanted to do something inspired by the Creek. It is a beautiful area. The creek runs through Red Butte Gardens but you can hike it starting on the outskirts of the gardens and go up the Canyon for a little ways.

Because I am trying to learn more about my immediate surroundings, I looked up some scientific data about Red Butte Creek. Here is what I found out from

Red Butte Creek is a perennial stream that flows out of Red Butte Canyon. Red Butte Canyon is the smallest canyon of the seven canyons in eastern Salt Lake County. It is without upstream regulation or diversion until flow is collected in the reservoir located near the base of the canyon. The stream has created a narrow-based canyon with sides rising abruptly. The stream flow is a straightforward annual pattern, characteristic of this geographic region - high spring flows driven by snowmelt followed by very much reduced flows derived from groundwater throughout the remainder of the year. The Red Butte Creek watershed is the most pristine area along the Wasatch Front. In the last couple years there have been massive oil spills from an oil pipeline that runs through the area putting this ecosystem at great risk.

I might do a scarf since it is quick to knit and I need to get it done quickly (She is quitting soon). I have some beautiful silk/wool Handmaiden yarn in Peridot that would be great in a creek/canyon inspired scarf.

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