Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Silver Queen Handkerchief

August has gotten away from me. With summer camp ending and school starting for the kids, I have muddled a few schedules and haven’t had time to knit like I have wanted to.

But, I took some time off work and was able to finish the Silver Queen Handkerchief. It was more time consuming than I thought because it is so small and delicate. But it turned out beautiful. Here are some pictures before I apply the silver leaf.

I will post pictures soon with the silver leaf applied. But in the meantime I still made a pattern for the handkerchief itself, because the handkerchief could be usable if you just didn’t put the silver on it. After all, part of my art is patternmaking as well. So, the pattern is on my pattern page for free!

Next up, the other work of art I am making to enter into the exhibition (hint: knitted paper!)

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