Tuesday, October 1, 2013


My Silver Queen Handkerchief (with the silver leaf) was accepted into the Utah 2013 exhibition. Yay! The opening is on October 18 if anyone who reads this is in Salt Lake. I will be there, maybe even without my kids.

While I was dropping off the artwork at the Rio Grande gallery in downtown Salt Lake, it was a beautiful September day. The beauty of the urban landscape really hit me at that moment. The contrast of the steel skyscrapers against the older stone buildings, the grit of the street next to the clean smell of trees and grass, and even the way the power lines criss-crossed around overhead, all made me realize the beauty in the city.

I have seen downtown Salt Lake a zillion times, I even lived downtown for years, but for some reason, I really took notice. So, I have my next project (not that I needed a next project, I have too many to count), but I want to strike while the iron is hot.

Stay on the look out for something urban and downtown, something gritty and fun. I do love this city!

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