Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fallen Leaves

It’s starting to come together. I have joined the leaves randomly to make them look like they have naturally fallen. But my original burst of knitting is now on hold for a bit while I catch up at work. So, here is the scarf half done. Hopefully, soon-to-be all done.

My husband says that it just looks like joined circles. What does he know; I think they definitely look like leaves, maybe. I am a little unsure about this project since showing it to him. I think I need to ask a knitter like my sister.

1 comment:

  1. once in a blue moon I forget & show something to my husband that I've knit. Like a pair of cool socks. Never again I always tell myself. It is so deflating. A lovely man, but he JUST doesn't get it! I love to knit leaves & these are lovely...and very aspen-like. Sally Forth and continue!