Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mitten Disaster

I had to go down to southern Utah for work and took my knitting along. Moab is always beautiful but even more so in the spring. We hiked and visited the desert scenery and high mountains. In short, it fed my soul. The photo below is my son hiking up to Gemini Bridges.

This was also a good opportunity to get a good way on my new design. I decided to make mittens with the sampler imagery using Roositud. It was a good plan except that it was a complete disaster. I was so eager to begin learning the new technique on this new pattern that I totally miscalculated my gauge. The mitten is gigantic and would only fit the largest of hands.

And… I think the imagery that I used from the sampler is not the best for Roositud. From looking at many other patterns using this technique, it looks like geometric patterns work best. The delicate floral patterns just look puckered and strange.

But, I do love this pattern. So, I am going to do my math right and fix my gauge and then use good old fashioned duplicate stitch for the sampler patterns on the back of the mitten. It adheres more to the spirit of the cross stitch anyway. Round 2 of Sarah’s Sampler Mittens coming up.

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