Saturday, July 5, 2014

Copper Cuff

I have been thinking a lot about what to make with a copper leafed knitted thing. I don’t think it is practical to do anything that will be worn a lot as the leaf does get a cracked and brown patina with age (which I think is beautiful, but probably best left for occasionally wearing). So I am thinking of doing jewelry still but I also want it to be a substantial piece. So I am envisioning a cuff, like the cuff of a men’s shirt but out of copper.

Like this (see above). I made the swatch out of a green hemp and I think I want to keep that yarn. The hemp is substantial enough to take the leafing and glue. It is also a long-wearing fiber which I think will only help this piece. I also like the green I used. It is a verdigris green (basically oxidized copper color). The idea of the green oxidation color peaking through the copper is appealing to me.

This might be a quick knit up.

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