Monday, February 2, 2015

Bryce Canyon Inspiration

We took an impromptu but much-needed trip down to Bryce Canyon National Park over the weekend. I had been to Bryce Canyon before but it has been almost 20 years, and I had never been in the winter. But, oh my! The Beauty! It was so amazing and unbelievable, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would have guessed the views weren’t real.

As my oldest son exclaimed: “It looks like someone put icing on everything!” And it really did. Although many of the hikes were closed because of the snow, it didn’t matter because we felt incredibly lucky to just get to view the park in the winter.

Although we have taken many, many trips to the red rock country of southern Utah, this is the first time that I have been so inspired. I am thinking I need to knit something. I might just expand my artwork to encompass Southern Utah and the Colorado Plateau as well as the Great Basin!

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