Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mudcrack Muffler and Cloudburst Gaiter

I posted about these two pieces during my residency but wanted to revisit them because they are two pieces that I completely designed and knit while on my residency. They were quick “sketches” of impressions of the landscape and were a good exercise for me to begin opening up my creativity.

The Black Rock Desert gets an average of 7” of rainfall annually. But sometimes in the spring the monsoon rains bring a deluge, saturating the playa and surrounding mountains. Some of these cloudbursts can be seen from miles away. These spring rains saturate the Black Rock Desert playa with water. When the rains stop the large lakebed begins to dry out creating a mosaic of mud cracks that decorate the flat expanse. Although these mud cracks are formed randomly, they create a beautiful pattern.

Both of these works were a fun knit and add a bit of spontaneity to my body of work inspired by Black Rock Desert.

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