Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Great Basin Knitting Projects

Well, I obviously did not have time to blog much during my residency. But I am going to begin recording my projects here, mostly to help me keep track of things. First up I will post about a few pieces I finished at the park.

The rabbitbrush was in bloom and beautiful when I got there at the beginning of September and glowed throughout the month. As I was leaving it was just beginning to fade. Everyday I would marvel at the color of the desert. So I made some Rabbitbrush mittens that mimicked the color and shape.

I am hoping to get a suite of pieces inspired by Great Basin National Park and make an ebook of patterns when I am finished. Hopefully in the spring or summer. I will also post some more pieces I finished last month and then do some in-progress posts about ideas I am germinating.

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