Monday, November 7, 2016

Leave No Trace

The Leave No Trace ethos is the most widely accepted outdoor ethics program used on public lands. It teaches people of all ages how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. Among several principles is the notion of “Leave What You Find” including rocks, plants, and natural materials. I was thinking about this idea a lot before and during my residency. So I made some mittens that would allow me to keep a visual memory of some of the natural material in Great Basin National Park through sun-sensitive dye. These mittens are the perfect solution to remember my adventure there while still leaving no trace.

And they were accepted in this year’s Statewide Annual exhibition of Mixed Media and Works on Paper on display now in the Rio Gallery in Salt Lake City. So if you are in the area, you can see them in person along with an amazing array of talented Utah artists.

This artwork was produced under the Darwin Lambert Artist in Residence Program at Great Basin National Park.

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