Thursday, October 26, 2017

Desert Colors

The dazzling colors of September in Great Basin National Park are not only limited to the high mountain aspens. The lower sagebrush ecosystem is vibrant with colors that sing under the intense blue sky of the dry desert.

I used some reclaimed silk I had dyed with natural dyes several years ago for this project. The yarn was the same as the West Desert Hood I created years ago (see picture below). The colors truly echo the muted desert colors in the fall. This artwork was produced under the Darwin Lambert Artist in Residence Program at Great Basin National Park. 


  1. wow! Just stumbled upon your blog from Ravelry. Would love the pattern for the West Desert Hood, and to subscribe to your blog. Can't figure out how to find/do either of them....

  2. Thank you so much! You can get the pattern here:

  3. congrajulations on your invitation to the Statewide Annual Painting and Sculpture exhibition you will not only have an oppprtunity to network with acomplished artists in the industry but also you will learn