Monday, October 2, 2017

Pinyon Nuts

I missed the Pinyon nut harvest when I was in Great Basin National Park last week but I remember the work last year that was involved just to harvest a small bag. The park allows visitors to harvest pine nuts up to 25 lbs. I wanted to create something inspired by my tiny nut harvest that was maybe not as much work to knit as the nuts were to get. Hence this neck warmer of piney textures (and pine wood buttons!).

From the pattern: Gathering pinyon pine nuts is a great way to experience the fall bounty of Great Basin National Park. The single-leaf pinyon, Pinus monophylla, is an abundant tree found between 6,000 and 9,000 feet. The nuts produced by these pines have been important to Native Americans and animals for millennia. Gathering pine nuts within Great Basin National Park is allowed in the fall only and is limited to 25 lbs per household. The goal is to ensure that plenty of nuts remain for Clark's nutcrackers, pinyon jays, and ground squirrels. This artwork was produced under the Darwin Lambert Artist in Residence Program at Great Basin National Park.

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  1. I have first time heard about this pinyon nuts.Thanks for telling your reader about this new kind of nuts. I really want to know its taste now.