Sunday, May 6, 2018


Last Sunday my sister gave me some handspun Merino and Polwarth wool with the name Driftwood (along with some fantastic buttons made from driftwood). I immediately thought of all the pickled driftwood I have seen at Great Salt Lake and wanted to create a subtle piece inspired by this yarn. Five days later, I have the Driftwood Scarf. Pattern available on Ravelry. It was quick and fun and subtle if you are into that sort of thing, (which I am).

From the pattern: Almost anything that gets captured in Great Salt Lake eventually is pickled. The briny waters, nine times more salty than the ocean, desiccate any flora or fauna that gets too close. Pickled driftwood is a common sight. Coming from the more verdant foothills or just falling off a truck, it eventually gets bleached and salted arguably giving it a more interesting and aesthetic texture.

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