Monday, August 5, 2019


Last year after finishing a flurry of patterns and pieces for two (two! What was I thinking?) exhibitions I snuck in a stranded knitted scarf inspired by pickleweed at Great Salt Lake. This piece reflects the jumble of lines and patterns that you see in pickleweed with the beautiful autumn color of reds and greens.

This piece will be on display in the Lambourne Prize exhibition from Friends of Great Salt Lake this September at the Sorenson Unity Center. And I published the pattern on Ravelry if anyone wants to make it.

From the pattern: Pickleweed is abundant in the liminal edges of Great Salt Lake. Around the most saline part of the salt marshes, pickleweed thrives by expelling salt from its cells to outer leaf tissue. As the days grow shorter and cooler this leaf tissue begins to change to a brilliant red color contrasting and mixing with the green pickled stems.