Friday, June 21, 2024

Clark's Nutcracker


You can see some of my Glacier artwork from my residency last year in an exhibition this summer at the Brigham City Museum. The exhibition titled Intersections: Utah Fiber Art Exhibit will open on July 6. I will be showing three bird inspired shawls. This one I finished just a few months ago inspired by Clark's Nutcracker and another Glacier inspired bird, the Calliope Hummingbird (which I showed in my last entry). I also will be showing a work I did inspired by the Redwing Blackbird from my Artist-in-Residency at Great Basin National Park (see below). 

From the pattern: Clark’s Nutcracker is a key element in a complex but  fragile ecosystem in Glacier National Park. These birds rely on the nutritious pine nuts of whitebark and limber pines. But they also germinate the trees by cacheing the seeds and forgetting about them. With climate change, the pine trees are dying out and with them might also be this industrious and striking bird. This artwork and pattern was produced as Artist-in-Residence at Glacier National Park, Montana. 

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