Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Halite Choker and Salt Bracelet

Complete! These two pieces remind me of salt more than I had anticipated. The chaotic nature of the pattern gives the illusion of spilled salt even though I was shooting for the geometric structure of the molecule.  

I was thinking of making the paper yarn into a doubled bracelet but ended up making it a single bracelet because it had so much stretch. The paper yarn is very stiff but it makes for an interesting texture on the bracelet. Here is a picture of the Salt Bracelet. The pattern is on my pattern page.

Below is a picture of the Halite Choker. I made it a choker because the pattern can be seen better. The steel in the yarn makes the lacework hold its shape a little better. I did not block it at all, it might have a different look if it were blocked. The back has a silver magnetic clasp. Again, the pattern is on the pattern page.

I have to say that I really enjoyed designing these. Maybe because they were much more free form than some other articles I have knitted or designed. I think I might do more jewelry in the future.

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