Friday, January 18, 2013

Neck Gaiter Finished

I finally finished the Stansbury Mountains Neck Gaiter. It really is huge, which is fine if you wear it over many layers of other coats or scarves. I am thinking that I will keep this one and try a smaller version for my friend. I talked my long-suffering husband into modeling it for me. He was miserable because he hates wool against his skin. I don’t mind it and think it is quite warm but he looks so handsome in it, I made him model it.

I love how the green wool sets off both of the tree patterns. It really does remind me of our great camping trip in the Stansbury Mountains last fall. I don’t have the pattern quite done yet. I am trying a new program to make charts and haven’t had time to fiddle with it yet. As soon as I get the charts done, I will post the pattern. And, I am going to post this one for free because I modified other people’s tree chart patterns.

So stay tuned for a pattern for this very large gaiter. 

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