Friday, January 11, 2013

The Stansbury Mountain Range

The Stansbury Mountain range is quite beautiful and mostly overlooked by Salt Lakers because we can’t really see them over the Oquirrhs. I never really paid them much thought before we camped there. But they have very high peaks (the highest over 11,000 feet) and a great network of hiking trails.

The mountain range is named for Howard Stansbury. Stansbury was a major in the Army Corps of Topographical Engineers and led a two-year expedition in 1849 to survey the Great Salt Lake. Stansbury Island is named after him as well as the Stansbury Mountains. He also has a lizard (Uta stansburiana,) and a rose (Purshia stansburiana) named after him.

The Stansbury Mountains gaiter is coming along (and has prompted me to read up on all that history above). I really want to finish it to give to my friend especially after the big snow storm (20 inches!) that just hit us. I was thinking about trying to get a beautiful picture of the Stansburys covered in snow but the roads are so bad I don't even want to drive to the corner, so all you get is a picture off my front porch.

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