Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Worse Form of Hell

For this baby sweater, I would like to try and design a cardigan that has no seams. Like almost everyone else, I hate sewing up sweaters. But every pattern I see for seamless cardigans still has you picking up stitches for the button band. I think picking up stitches is a worse form of hell than seaming, so I definitely don’t want to do that. I am going to attempt to make a pattern with no seaming and all bands knitted in.

And here is my beginning attempt. The collar might turn out a little weird so I might need to tweak that. But so far it is going well. The yarn I am using is Handmaiden Camelspin. It is so beautiful and looks like ripening wheat.

I also have some Handmaiden Seasilk in ebony that I will use for the crickets.

I am sticking with Handmaiden yarn (it is incredibly beautiful!) for the seagull version and using Mini Maiden in Jacobean Blue.

The yarn is a bit expensive but so delicious to knit with and the cardis will hopefully only be one skein so you don’t have to sell your car to make a sweater.

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