Friday, February 22, 2013

Seagull and Cricket

I drew out little crickets and seagulls for the baby sweater but my husband says that the crickets don’t look like anything but blobs.

So I swatched them out and embroidered them to try and help.

The seagulls are adorable but the crickets do look a little blobish. I think maybe if I embroidered the legs, eyes and antennae in a contrasting color (like grey) it might help. I used stranded yarn across the back for these swatches but in the final version, I think intarsia would be better. The spans that the yarn has to travel is just too large. It means I will need a lot of bobbins, I think. I am leaning toward designing a cardigan that has either the seagulls or the crickets on the bottom marching around the edge. Maybe it can be two versions of the same design.

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