Monday, April 15, 2013

My Failed Experiment

Well, I guess it is only fitting that while being inspired by a failed experiment, I have my own failed experiment. I was sure that beets would yield a beautiful red on some wool yarn I had. I scoured all my dyeing books to find a recipe of how to dye with beets and not one book mentioned beets.

I should have taken that as at least an odd thing, let alone a big red flag. But no, I went ahead and boiled the beets to get a wonderful red dye bath. I put my mordanted yarn in and let it soak. The yarn turned a great vivid pink. Then when I began rinsing the yarn, every bit of red rinsed away. Apparently, beets are not colorfast no matter what.

See my beet dyed yarn? Just a dingy off-white (slightly more dingy than the off-white that the yarn started as).

So, I think I will have to give up on my idea of dyeing with beets and just use some great red yarn I have in my stash.

And in closing here is a drive by picture of another beet sculpture in front of our local library:

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