Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year

The holidays have been busy. Busy enough to keep me from blogging but not too busy that I couldn’t get some knitting done. I was able to complete the other Salt and Basalt glove and get the pattern done as well.

Like almost every other knitter in the universe, knitting gloves and socks are a problem for me because once I do one of them, I get bored and have a hard time finishing the other. But I was inspired by my recent trip out to the Spiral Jetty with some co-workers. The incredible salt beds with the basalt jetty were beautiful.

And, I wished I had some gloves that could be used with my phone, which I used as a camera. It was cold trying to take pictures with bare hands. Now that I have finished these gloves, I can wear them next time I go out in the winter and want to take pictures.  

Here are some images of the finished gloves. They are warm and functional, and a bit random like the beautiful salt and basalt of the Great Salt Lake.

Next up…. I was inspired by the incredible winter colors of Rozel Point, where we were on the Great Salt Lake. I want to create something using browns, yellow, grays, and whites.

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