Monday, April 6, 2015

Lakeview Scarf (Chromometer)

I finished the Lakeview Scarf weeks ago but never had the chance to photograph it until this weekend. Although I got my inspiration from the cyanometer, I realized that this scarf is actually a chromometer, comparing all colors not just blues. So I subtitled it that.

It turned out much better than I was hoping, very striking. Even though I used all scraps from my stash for the colors with different weights, materials, and gauges, I like the different textures it gives.

My sister said she was going to make one with the main color in seed stitch instead of garter. I think it might look better, so when she finishes, I will post those pictures as well.

I made a pattern and put it on Ravelry so if anyone wants to make one, it’s there. I would love to see pictures if you do.

Info on the pattern:
Great Salt Lake is a diverse ecosystem. From wetlands to salt marshes, the lake has more variety than you might initially think. This diversity is expressed in the lake’s color. Not just blue, the lake displays a myriad of hues. From bright red in the north arm to deep green in the marshes, Great Salt Lake cannot be described with just one color. The Lakeview Scarf displays all the colors of the water that I have observed going out to Great Salt Lake over several years. It is meant to allow the wearer to gauge the current color of the lake through the windows knit into the scarf to compare it to my observations.

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