Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fly Canyon Cozy

When I was staying at the little cabin in Soldier Meadows in Black Rock Desert National Conservation Area last May, I took a day trip out to High Rock Canyon. On the way was this little rocky canyon called Fly Canyon.

Fly Canyon was formed about 11,800 years ago when water from High Rock Lake cut the rough canyon walls. Violent whirlpools of water and rock drilled holes in the streambed creating unique potholes on the canyon floor. The violent birth of the canyon is nonetheless beautiful, the sheer canyon walls, dappled with rust from the iron rich rock, are a dramatic foil to the surrounding sagebrush hills.

I wanted to mimic the rough canyon walls in a shoulder cozy. It is a quick knit and can be completed in an afternoon. Similar to the walk through tiny fly canyon.

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