Friday, September 18, 2015

Frog Pond Cape

When I was doing my residency in Black Rock Desert, everyone kept asking if I had been to the Frog Pond yet. It took until almost the end of my residency before I made it out there and wish I had done it sooner. Although it is not within the borders of the National Conservation Area, it is a unique place within the desert.

Just east of the Playa is a small hot springs that is a haven for frogs. The Frog Pond creates its own little ecosystem in a very dry area with shady trees, water grasses, and other frog friendly plants. Although the pond is swimming with frogs, trying to catch one was elusive.

I created the Frog Pond cape as an homage to all the frogs I did not catch. Circling the bottom of the cape are lacy frogs that also echo the lacy bracken on the pond. It’s a fun quick knit that embodies the fun child-like atmosphere of the Frog Pond.

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