Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Playa Poncho

This Playa Poncho was the first design I sketched out for my artist in residency for Black Rock Desert but it is almost the last one to be finished. Such small stitches!

The playa is such a dominant feature of the National Conservation Area that I had to create something that showed the vast bands of color. And, I wanted to pay homage to two of the main features, Old Razorback Mountain and Black Rock Point.

Black Rock Point is on one side and Old Razorback is on the other so you can truly wrap yourself in the playa of Black Rock Desert.

As I say in the pattern: A flat lakebed ringed by rugged and rocky mountains make up the minimalist landscape of the Black Rock Desert Playa. A vast plain gives the sense of endless sand surrounded by a band of umber mountains with the wide expanse of blue sky open above. This sense of being laid bare is unique to such a flat, open and remote place as Black Rock Desert.

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