Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sagebrush Wrap

Lucky, lucky, lucky. I am incredibly lucky! Lucky that I survived a car accident yesterday that totaled my car but left me just incredibly sore. Lucky that my kids were not in the car, or it would be a different story. Lucky to have had the amazing experience as Black Rock Desert National Conservation Area Artist-in-Residence. And lucky that I finished my final piece on Sunday night just hours before the accident that left my right arm sore enough that I cannot knit. Lucky to have seen the beautiful expanse of sagebrush that is everywhere in the Black Rock Desert NCA that inspired this Sagebrush Wrap. 

Artemisia tridentata, or sagebrush, is the state flower of Nevada. Native to the North American west, this member of the daisy family flourishes in dry deserts like the Great Basin. In Black Rock Desert, you can stand in a panorama of receding sagebrush and see nothing else but the mountains on the horizon, surrounded by the pungent fragrance of this beautiful flowering shrub. 

As all the other pieces I have shown lately, this piece was created as an Artist-in-Residence at Black Rock Desert National Conservation Area. I have finished several more (15 total!) that I have not shown here but will be showing over the next few weeks or so. I am now in the process of trying to figure out how to make these 15 patterns into a book or ebook. I think I will put them up for sale in the meantime and figure out a book format later this fall. That way anyone who wants to knit one can download the individual pattern. 

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