Thursday, October 22, 2015

Black Rock Desert Artist-in-Residency Exhibition

The closing reception for the Black Rock Desert Artist-in-Residency exhibition was last week in Reno at the Sierra Arts Foundation Gallery. The exhibit was beautiful and the turnout was great! I took a bunch of pictures before people showed up and then was too busy to take any with people in it. So all you get is pictures of the installation.

The gallery said that a lot of people who have never been to the space before had come to see the exhibit, which is great. A lot of knitting groups that know what’s what so it made me a bit nervous that they probably saw all my mistakes. It is a little bittersweet to see this project come to an end. I had such an amazing time in Black Rock Desert and creating art inspired by it this summer. I am definitely applying for other artist-in-residence programs around the west because I want to do it again!

We took a side trip to Lake Tahoe while we were there and it was a beaut! The day was gorgeous, the lake was gorgeous, a wonderful trip all around.

And I finished a new pattern on the trip that I will publish soon. This one inspired by Virginia Creeper. 


  1. Seems to be a lovely artistic idea. Went for a bridal shower of my friend's sister at one of the pretty event space San Francisco couple of weeks before. Hanging flowers were really cute and would be bride looked gorgeous in her designer outfit. Cupcakes and cookies were undoubtedly delicious.