Saturday, October 24, 2015

Virginia Creeper

I love Virginia creeper. I know that many people see it as a scourge because it grows so fast and covers everything. But I love how it does cover and drape. I love the color in the spring when it is bright green. I love the deep reds and oranges it turns in the fall contrasting the purple berries. I even love the skeleton of sticks that it leaves behind in the winter adding texture to the monochromatic landscape.

Right now my Virginia creeper is turning red, a sure sign of fall. I have been wanting to create something for years inspired by it and this year I finally put pencil to paper and created a stole that echoes the five pointed leaves.

It was a very quick design and knit mainly because I did most of it during the Utah Museums Association conference sessions and my trip to Reno for my artist’s reception.

I finished it last week and finally have time to post the pattern. I love how it drapes and can be a stole or a scarf. I also like the graduated pentagons that mimic the varying sizes of leaves on the plant. I plan on making a slightly different version in spring green, maybe a shrug. You can see the pattern on its Ravelry page. 


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