Friday, January 17, 2020


Rabbitbrush was in spectacular bloom last September in Capitol Reef when I was staying there. The yellow flowers are so beautiful next to the red rock. I knit this piece from a skein of hand spun and hand dyed alpaca that I bought at a shop in Torrey. It is locally grown at Circle Cliff Ranch from an alpaca named Probee and hand spun by Diena. I designed Rabbitbrush specifically for this local yarn. 

From the pattern:
Rabbitbrush is a member of the Aster family with yellow flower heads arranged in dense, rounded or flat-topped clusters at the ends of the branches. Rabbitbrush flowers bloom from August to October as other plants are fading, providing vivid fall color against the red rock canyon walls in Capitol Reef. This artwork was produced under the Artist in Residence Program at Capitol Reef National Park.

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