Monday, August 22, 2016

End of Summer

It has been awhile since I blogged last. Summer has been crazy between work and family. But we were able to get out and camp a couple times. Just last week we went out to the West Desert to sleep under the Perseid Meteor Shower. Being in the Great Basin has gotten me excited for September when I get to spend three weeks in Great Basin National Park for my artist-in-residency.

I am now finally starting to get ready for this and have been thinking about my palette of yarn and what I will be inspired by when I am out there. I know the terrain is quite diverse and so I am hedging my bets and taking a little of everything. I know my palette will grow, thank goodness I am driving so I can pack a bunch in my car.  (It wasn't until I saw these two pictures together that I realized that my palette looks very much like the photo above. The Great Basin has been working on my subconscious all along!)

I have also been planning programs while out there and I hope to teach in schools around the area a little about textile art and being inspired by the landscape. All in all the planning part of any adventure is part of the fun but kind of boring to blog about. I promise to blog more as my residency gets going.